Tracking ChatButton Events in Google Analytics

Dear customers! In Pro version of the widget, you can track and analyze ChatButton events in Google Analytics. Configurations, it is not necessary because events are sent automatically. In this case, events are sent to the new Universal Analytics as well as in the old version of Google Analytics.

To view events:

  1. Sign-in to Google Analytics.
  2. Go to the tab “Behavior” → “Events” → “Top Events.”
  3. In the events category choose “GetButton Widget Button”.

If you can’t see events in “Top Events”, please check if you are using a Pro version of GetButton Chat Button. If you use Google Tag Manager, you should set it up additionally. We have a guide for this in this article.

Please remember all data appears in Google Analytics with a delay.

Using Google Tag Manager (GTM)

If you use Google Tag Manager to control Google Analytics and you do not see the GetButton Chat Button events, then check the following settings in the Google Analytics container and make the necessary changes.

  1. Go to the settings of the Universal Analytics container.
  2. Expand “Advanced settings” → “Advanced Configuration” and put a tick in the “Tracker Name” and leave the field next to it in a blank.

We also recommend that you enable the Enhanced Link Attribution as it is desirable to use for events such as the chat established.

In the new version of GTM you can find these settings there: